Gloria's Flute

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Mrs. Gloria Ferrer’s love affair with collectible glassware began in 1956. Today her collection numbers more than 2000 pieces, and is believed to be the largest private collection in the world. For those seeking a very personal expression of the Gloria Ferrer experience, Gloria’s Flute offers an opportunity to own an essential piece of the winery’s history. In honor of the winery’s 30th anniversary in 2016, Mrs. Ferrer commissioned her first-ever collectible wine flute. With inspiration from some of her favorite pieces in the glassware collection, she collaborated on the design with renowned Sonoma artist Alex Leader, working alongside him every step of the way to ensure that the finished product was exactly what she envisioned.

In order to bring this design to the tables of wine lovers everywhere, the team at Gloria Ferrer worked with renowned Lehmann Glass of Champagne, France to reproduce Mrs. Ferrer’s coveted custom stemware. Gloria’s Flute is a perfect blend of antique and modern; it combines the long, delicate neck of a flute for a luxuriant hand feel and lavish bubble delivery with a wider coupe-inspired bowl that exalts the aromatics of the wine. Gloria’s Flute promises to be a cherished addition—or beginning—to your upscale wine glass collection.

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